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Pool Deck Resurfacing

When your pool deck starts to display wear and tear from all the years of use, it’s important to address these issues sooner rather than later. The sooner you can give your attention to upgrading your pool deck, the better the results, and more money you can save.

Pool deck refinishing is a great transformative solution for many homeowners looking to take their dated concrete pool deck and upgrade it with beautiful new colors and textures. Our company can install customized textures and finishes that give your pool a colorful coating and shine. You can count on our 18 years of experience to get the job done right, efficiently and to your highest satisfaction.

pool deck resurfacing Albany NY

We Resurface Pool Decks.

We’re the Concrete Resurfacing Experts in Albany That You Can Trust.

Upgrade Your Pool to the Highest Standards With Our Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

When you first laid eyes on your pool, you probably envisioned it to be a space of relaxation and zen. An area of your home that you can rely on to offer you the solace that you need from every day activities. But was once an immaculate pool deck has over the years turned into a cracked and stained eyesore. Our concrete pool deck resurfacing in Albany can ease your worries. With our cost effective solutions that are superior alternatives to replacing your concrete, you can still enjoy the benefits of a brand new space. We’ll give you the colors and textures that you’re happy to show off to your friends and family during your next pool party.

epoxy pool deck

Our pool deck coatings cost a sliver of what you’d hypothetically pay if you were to replace your concrete pool deck. Don’t let other concrete contractors try to convince you of an expensive home renovation when all you need is a resurfacing. You can customize your pool deck with decorative options and get the look of a high end pool deck at a fraction of the cost and time. 

We offer richly stained concrete pool decks and colorful concrete coatings in Albany- whatever your desire and need. Count on us, the top concrete resurfacing contractors in Albany to provide you with durable and beautiful results.

Here is Why We are Albany's Top Pool Deck Resurfacers:

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Pool Deck Resurfacing Options in Albany, NY

You no longer need to deal with your eyesore of a pool deck that draws away the aesthetics of your backyard or landscape. Since you’ve invested money into maintaining your pool, why not upgrade your surrounding pool deck to have it looking the best that it can? We can offer various pool resurface options that fit your budget and design needs.

Epoxy Pool Deck

Epoxy coatings are a great way to elevate the look and feel of your pool deck while protecting it against future damage. Our epoxy pool deck finishes can be customized to match the poolscape of your choice, and at no compromise to performance and endurance.

Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

The most common resurfacing option due to its affordability and fast turnaround is to use a resurfacing product to breathe new life into your concrete pool deck. These products are made from a cement overlay that’s strengthened with polymer resins. This will be poured over your aging concrete to give it a new shine and layer of protection.

Acrylic Pool Deck Resurfacing

Acrylic Pool Decking

Acrylic pool deck resurfacing in Albany, NY is an affordable option to take your aging pool deck and renovate it to its former glory days. The way that our team applies the acrylic pool deck coating is by first applying a thin coat of acrylic or polymer concrete with acrylic resin. This will give your concrete the appearance of a new texture and color while covering up any cracks or surface blemishes. If you’re looking for an option that is UV resistant and also tough against chemicals and salt, then this is a great option to explore. Our experienced pool deck resurfacing experts gives you the customization that you need, at a price that you can afford. Select from one of our popular acrylic color options for both your pool deck and walkways.

Stained Concrete Pool Deck

Stained Pool Deck

For a cosmetic upgrade to your concrete that is sure to wow your Albany guests, we recommend a stained concrete pool deck. To achieve these unique finishes, we use permanent acid based stains to design one of a kind effects. These effects can range from pool decks that mimic that look of leather, earth toned surfaces to rich and vibrant colors. You don’t need to worry about your stained pool deck fading, as it’s perfect for hiding any surface imperfects and cracks. This is an affordable option that is sure to bring a new look to your pool deck overlay.

Areas We Serve

We offer a wide range of pool deck coating options suitable for any budget and need. For homeowners who wish to increase their property value with decorative pool resurface options, we can help. We service a number of areas throughout Albany, NY. See our homepage to find out more about our epoxy and concrete resurfacing options. Our service areas include:

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  • Albany
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Watervliet
  • Troy
  • Cohoes
  • Rotterdam
  • Schenectady
  • Amsterdam

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