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Concrete Resurfacing

Dull, worn out concrete can most definitely become an eyesore over time. What gets put off as a home improvement project for the future, can creep up and detract from your property’s value.

If you’ve decided to sell your home, and are looking for ways to increase your home’s curb appeal and home value, investing in a concrete surfacing solution is a great option.

You don’t need to spend a fortune replacing your aging or cracked concrete floors. Instead, there are several cost-effective alternatives to resurface existing concrete in Albany to restore your floors and bring back their shine. The best part of it all is that you can choose to give your concrete floors a new look- complete with upgraded texture and new colors. This will change the way your concrete looks, imitating other more experience materials that can instantly elevate your space.

As the premier concrete contractors in Albany NY, we provide residential and commercial clients in the local community with the highest quality concrete resurfacing, at a price that they can afford.   

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What is Concrete Resurfacing?

Over time, it’s inevitable for your concrete floors to become stained and cracked. In these instances, there’s a fallacy that damaged concrete with surface imperfections needs to be completely removed and replaced with new slabs. In actuality, there are alternatives to addressing these issues that can save you both time and money. You can resurface existing concrete to give it a new surface and shine, and can even upgrade it’s texture and color. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your damaged patios, pool decks, garages, or driveways- there are resurfacer products that you can use or new concrete overlays and coatings which we’ll walk you through below.

As long as your concrete is in decent structural condition, there’s not a concrete floor that can’t be resurfaced. We’re confident in our ability to take worn out and beaten concrete and restore it to an incredible floor surface, so long as there are no underlying issues with your concrete floors. When in doubt, it’s best to call our team and ask for a quote, and in the meantime schedule a time for our team to come out and evaluate the condition of your concrete floors. We’ll be able to determine then if your concrete is suitable for resurfacing.

Over the years, our Albany concrete resurfacing contractors have learned that your final floor is only as good as the quality of your initial floor prep. Our work starts with prepping your floors in the right way.

We may perform any and all of the following to ensure we’re starting off with the best possible surface:

We’ve found that lots of DIY methods for floor preparation like acid wash are not sufficient to preparing your concrete surface for adhesion. Our team uses diamond grinding to accomplish a strong and stable surface to start our resurfacing work. We’ll always choose quality over convenience if that means providing our customers with the most durable floors for years to come.

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Albany Concrete Resurfacing Services

We consider ourselves one of the best concrete resurfacing companies in Albany and the greater New York state. We’ve been offering a wide range of resurfacing solutions for commercial and concrete residences for over 18 years. These include interior and exterior applications. So whether your floors are showing mild tear or needs a major compressive upgrade, our solutions are sure to help.

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Epoxy Concrete Coatings

We’d recommend epoxy floor coatings as an option for those who are looking for the most versatility in their new floors. This is a great alternative if you were hoping for a bit more customization and flair. Our concrete resurfacing contractors will prep your floors with diamond blasting to ensure the best possible surface for application. Our epoxy coating system includes a vapor barrier coat that will hold over 15 lbs of moisture so you never have to worry about your concrete floors “sweating”. This protects the surface and allows you to enjoy your new floors for longer. The final product is a seamless, beautiful and nonporous flooring system that you can also upgrade with decorative options to complement your garage, basement or commercial property.

Concrete Resurfacing Albany NY

Polyaspartic Concrete Coatings

If you’re looking to get your concrete floors resurfaced and completed in just one day, there is an option to do so. By just paying a little more per square footage, our team offers what’s called a polyaspartic floor system. These floors are completed in just one day, due to the fast curing times. And are technically a bit more durable than epoxy floor coatings. If you’re looking for fast and durable, then we’d recommend inquiring about our polyaspartic coatings. We have over a 99% customer satisfaction rating from clients who have had these installed on their property. These floors are UV resistant, and also impervious to oil and chemical stains, salt and scratches.

Concrete Polymer Resurfacing

This is the most basic and affordable concrete resurfacing option you can find in Albany. It involves using a cement overlay strengthened with polymer resins. A concrete resurfacer is poured over your concrete slab to give the impression of a new surface. These products are typically applied for short term benefits, and are not recommended for those looking for a long term solution.

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Sawcutting & Staining Concrete

If in the instance your concrete floors are in fairly well kept condition, you may not even need a concrete coating or overlay. Our team can actually clean your concrete and apply a concrete stain that gives the illusion of stone and other materials. Some common finishes mimic the look of wood, leather and marble. These decorative patterns are etched into the surface using sawcutting and staining techniques that we’ve mastered over the years. This is an option that’s only recommended for fairly newer concrete floors. If your concrete is severely damaged or worn out with chips and cracks, we’d recommend either an epoxy flooring system or our polyaspartic coatings.

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Areas We Serve

Our company offers a wide range of solutions for resurfacing concrete that are suitable for your budget and needs. This is true regardless if you’re a business in need of a durable commercial concrete floor or a homeowner looking to upgrade your garage, pool deck or patio with some decorative options. We service a number of areas throughout Albany, NY. Our service areas include:

  • Albany
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Watervliet
  • Troy
  • Cohoes
  • Rotterdam
  • Schenectady
  • Amsterdam

See our homepage to find out more about our epoxy and concrete resurfacing options.

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