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Commercial Kitchen Flooring Epoxy Albany, NY

Quality Flooring That Makes Sense For Your Business

With so many decisions to make as a business owner, a commercial epoxy floor is probably not one of your first priorities. But it’s crucial to set the right stage for your business. And that starts with the fundamentals. Investing in a property commercial flooring will only save your business time and money in the long haul.

Based on your business budget, aesthetics, performance requirements, and cleanability, choosing the right flooring can be overwhelming.  It’s important to evaluate each criteria and understand the pros and cons of each flooring option.

commercial epoxy floor coatings Albany NY

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Why Commercial Epoxy Flooring is The Ideal Choice for Any Business

➀ Durability & High Resistance To External Factors

From the standpoint of durability alone, epoxy is the clear winner. It’s crucial that your business, is built on a strong foundation regardless of industry. This means installing floors that are not only durable, but also stain and moisture resistant.

When selecting the right commercial kitchen flooring for example, it’s important to keep in mind that the temperatures will fluctuate drastically. If one portion of your kitchen is used to cook foods at high temperatures. And another houses refrigerated products, you need floors that will withstand both conditions. Our epoxy floors are made to handle extreme heat and cold.

➁ Sanitary & Safe

Safety of your staff and customers is everything in a business. And we understand that. Because your commercial flooring has to comply with local health requirements, sanitation is one of the most important aspects to consider. As such, the right flooring choice can make or break your business.

In addition to sanitation requirements, employee safety is also a business priority. By proactively choosing the right flooring that will reduce any potential safety violations, you are future proofing your business. Our floor coatings are slip-resistant and heat resistant.

➂ Easy to Maintain and Clean

Easy to clean? Check. A breeze to maintain? Check.

When you’re running a successful business, you want to make sure that every process is as efficient and streamlined as possible. Having a work environment that is conducive to easy cleaning, is only going to boost staff morale.

Our epoxy floors have little to no maintenance and up keep costs. This makes our flooring solutions the best value for your buck.

➃ Visual Appeal for High Visibility Areas

If you service your clients at your business location, you’ll want to ensure you’re choosing floors that have an aesthetically appealing design. Epoxy is extremely versatile and can be customized based on your personal style. You can choose the pattern, color and design of your choice.

Don’t settle for dull concrete floors that only bring down the aesthetic appeal of the room. Opt for epoxy floors that reflect light and brighten the room. Consider brightening your work environment with epoxy flooring solutions today.

Our Commercial Epoxy Flooring Solutions are:

commercial epoxy floor Albany NY

Choose the Right Commercial Kitchen Flooring For Your Business

A Closer Look At Our Most Popular Commercial Epoxy Flooring Application

For commercial kitchen flooring that will ensure a safe and sanitary work environment for you and your staff, epoxy flooring is the way to go. Commercial kitchens are dynamic environments and require high performance floors that will keep up with the daily action. Ensure the safety of your kitchen staff with anti-slip properties. And cut down on cleaning times with floors that are extremely easy to clean. Our commercial epoxy floors are low maintenance, allowing your after shift cleanup to be a breeze.

Our waterproof, non-porous surfaces will elevate the look of any kitchen or commercial space. Gone are the days of dull, damaged concrete, or floors that become slippery when wet. Because we know that commercial kitchens are prone to high moisture and condensation, it’s essential that our floors have anti slip properties. Don’t let your floors become a safety hazard to your staff and install floors that will protect from all potential slips and falls.

commercial kitchen flooring Albany NY

When you upgrade your floors, you’re also cutting down on all of the scrubbing and extra cleaning that you need to perform with concrete surfaces. With our commercial epoxy floors, al you need to do is sweep and mop. It’s as simple as that.

But perhaps one of the most important reasons commercial kitchens seek out epoxy flooring solutions is due to its antimicrobial properties. Because our floors are seamless, you don’t need to worry about any food particles getting lodged into crevices. With our epoxy system, there is protection from deep within. And you can rest assured that your floors’ surfaces are free from any unwanted microorganisms. This means your epoxy floors will be free from bacteria, viruses, staining, mold, fungus and any other impurities.

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